Equipment And Capabilites

EFT Fast Quality Service

Continued Success in Implementing New Technologies

EFT continues to upgrade equipment and technical capabilities.  OEMs drive investment in improved processing and additional requirements, inspection and communications.  We heard, we listened and we have purchased and maintained equipment that puts us above standard plating shops providing service above and beyond expectations our customers are now accustomed to getting.  New additions include our new EPAG line (seen in picture) with dedicated component controllers providing a unique Universal Finish for printed circuit boards.  Ask for more details.

TruChem Software

The TruChem software is fairly standard in the PCB industry. This software system enables us at EFT to keep track and chart different parameters for all baths in our facility. The system reminds us of adds and is capable of creating Statistical Process Charts (SPC) on all our baths.

Ishii Hyoki Aluminum Oxide Scrubbing Machine

This scrubbing machine uses Aluminum oxide to provide a uniform topography prior to our plating processes.

Dosing Meters for Auto-Catalytic Electroless Gold Bath

EFT uses the Atotech auto dosing system. This helps ensure the Electroless Gold bath is stable over time.

Bowman X-Ray Fluoresecence (XRF) Unit

EFT was one of the first PCB companies to employ a high end Silicon Drift Detection (SDD) XRF unit by Bowman. This XRF unit is used primarily to analyze the plating thickness of our final finishes plated at EFT. The unit is also used to analyze for the Phosphorous concentration in the Electroless Nickel deposit and to analyze the metals concentration of various plating solutions. We recently upgraded our detection to speed up analysis in order to accommodate the needs of customers requiring a large number of readings per board. We periodically carry out Gage R&R tests in order to ensure our XRF unit is capable of meeting both the 4552 and 4556 IPC specifications.

Atomic Absorption Analysis

EFT has a standard Atomic Absorption unit by Varian. This is used to analyze certain baths and as a double check on metals concentration for waste water batch treatments prior to discharge.

Closed Loop Ion Exchange Waste Treatment System

We designed and built a closed loop ion exchange system at EFT. This system helps reduce water consumption as well as minimize discharge at EFT.

Electroless Nickel Controllers

EFT uses standard Electroless Nickel controllers to ensure better control over our Electroless Nickel plating process.